Sometimes I feel as though I never should have grown up


At thirty years old I’ve not done or seen as many things as I would have liked. There are a great many places I’d still love to go. Ireland sits atop the list. I honestly believe that if there is any magic left in the world it could probably be found there. Every image I’ve ever seen of Ireland conveys a dreamy magical quality I’ve never ever encountered.  I love cartoons. I’m like my Mom that way. I remember her sitting down to watch cartoons with us. Her favorites being Garfield, Tinkerbell and Gargoyles. She also played video games. In fact the last time she was here she played with my boys and they had a grand time. My Mom is wonderful and like me also seems to understand why kids often feel the excitement they do.

Perhaps this is why I am practically on pins and needles for  the WPPI Conference I’ll be going to Vegas for this event in 10 DAYS!!!! I wasn’t suppose to be able to make it but then all of a sudden everything just fell into place. I won a free registration, my airline miles covered round trip and I got room mates who totally rock that were able to bring down the price of the room enough that it’s barely a blip on the price scale! Now I’m packing and unpacking constantly in excitement. I’m going to get to learn a ton and meet people with the same interests as my own. People who may catapult my creative side into overdrive! It’s going to be a great year. It’s starting off quite wonderfully. Look out for Wirth Images! It’ going to be a good year!


Kelli <3

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