Irresponsible blogger

Ok so I know … I went to WPPI and everyone is waiting to hear how it was! No? Ok fine. You all knew it would be amazing. Everyone wants to know what I did. No? Really? You don’t want to know what I did? Come on people! Ok, so maybe I did  do exactly what 16,000 other photographers in attendance did … I learned.  Yeah yeah yeah …. you’re all so smart!

Bet you can’t guess what the number one thing I took home that has stuck with me the most! Go on, try and guess.

I’ll wait.

Nothing? Yeah, who’s the smart one now?!?!?!?!!!!


Ok, not me. The thing I took home that has stuck with me the most is the WPPI BUG! UGH. Granted, I learned some amazing things. I met some amazing people. I went to a party in Vegas and learned that photographers are awesome people to go to a party with and horrible people to go to a party with. Photographers are fun and funny at a party. It was a blast meeting them. However, they all have cameras and they like to take photographs. I know! The nerve of them! You forget for about five seconds that you’re the size of a small country (because you’re having fun and someone gave you a free Sangria – thanks a lot Becker & the [b]school )and you let someone snap a picture of you that is on facebook before you even finished your drink. Now despite the campaign to keep all images of you after you gained back 20 lbs of the weight you lost over a year ago, from ever even knowing the internet exists … NOW everyone knows you’re a cow and you should indeed follow your son’s advice and apply for a spot on “The Biggest Loser”.

Man, I’m so glad that didn’t happen to me. 😉

I have notes and notes from the classes I took. There are endless thoughts running around in my head to organize and apply if need be. Like a hundred people (yes, people actually talked to me in real life – Hi Again Dane Sanders! You’re awesome!) to e-mail and let them know how happy I am to have met them.


Yet somehow the thing that is stuck, is this freaking illness. I am in a crazy haze of medication, pain and probably hunger since I can’t swallow to eat. Focusing is super hard and I started this post at like 2pm … Ok I lied but it was just so much more compelling at 2pm. It really was 2am. On top of that, I am really sad because I missed my boys so desperately and I want to hug them so badly. I feel like crying just thinking that it’s been a week since I held either of my sons.

So …  I’m sorry if I’m an irresponsible blogger and I don’t have any pictures, reviews or stories to tell yet. I’m so sick right now all I want to do is sleep.



3 thoughts on “Irresponsible blogger”

  1. Kellianna, once you get over the sickness, you will realize how much you did learn. I had to sleep for about 12 hours and then when I woke up I was like knowledge on crack! I did my laundry, unpacked, and started making lists of things to do! believe me, once you drop WPPI sars as I have seen it called, you will be rockin and rollin all over the place!

  2. i didn’t take a single photo with my “real” camera and i wish i had a free sangria in my hand right now. 🙂

  3. The free Sangria was indeed good. I found that I took one picture with my “REAL” camera and it was of a starbucks container in my room. In fact, I may have to do a series. Everywhere I go … the starbucks cup.

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