“You could be the only blogger out there dressing in bacon and playing a ukulele, but that doesn’t mean you have valuable information to impart.”

I couldn’t agree more Logan Zanelli!

However, this blog isn’t here to impart valuable information (aside from the fact that in five years you’ll all wish you had printed it out -because I’m now rich and famous-  so you could have made a quick buck selling it to some rag) . This blog is designed to give you insight to who I am. I’m a stay at home mom, who loves her family more than anything, “home schools” her oldest son, races around to soccer practices & games, photographs everything, reads and reads and reads, loves to laugh and so much more. I’m a real person with a real spirit who despite shying away from the spotlight, somehow found it okay to talk about her life on the internet.

YUP. This is a blog about a crazy person. So … no logic or valuable information needed here. 😉