The other things I do …

So in addition to loving photography and Twizzlers … I am part founder of a brand new non-profit. We’ve been in operation for something like 9 months. It’s hard to pin down the actual day because … well we’ve been talking about it for forever and I’m not sure how to distinguish the exact day it all became a reality.

What do we do? We get sponsors for kids in impoverished countries and send them to school. Being a person who loved school and continues to enjoy education … it is pretty fitting that I would be in an organization who’s bent is on education. Our current focus is Guatemala. The three founding members have all had some experience working with (and being sponsors themselves) other organizations who aid children in Guatemala. I have the least amount of experience but I’d like to say the right amount of heart. No, I’m not opposed to patting myself on the back. 😉

In the small amount of time we’ve been in operation, we have sent 41 kids to school. 32 Middle Schoolers, 8 High Schoolers and 1 College Bound. We receive letters and responses back from the children, their parents and even their teachers thanking us. They’re so happy to be able to continue in their education. Without help they would have never been able to continue and in many cases they would have had to work themselves. There are few other things I’ve ever done in my life that I found more rewarding. With just a few words to friends who believed in us and other people who believed in what we were doing … we were able to do amazing things. Have you ever read “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracey Kidder? If you haven’t … read it. It’s the kind of book that will make you feel like you too can change the world. Then all of a sudden you go out there and you do change the world … one small child at a time.

Let me know if you want any info on what we do. I’d be more than happy to share!