Double Standards … dirty little things.

If there is any pet peeve in the world that I have … it’s that I HATE double standards. I don’t use that particular four letter word very often but for this, it certainly applies. I grew up with a twin brother. My Dad, while awesome, did always expect more from my brother in various departments. Apparently brothers are stronger. Brothers have less to fear. Brothers are boys and therefore all things considered boyish, they own. While I could care less about the army guy wars or the shadow boxing with sound effects (my own boys exhibit this daily) … the other stuff really burns me. So what he’s a boy! SO WHAT he can lift heavy things. So can I. You know what, I can carry more, run farther (until my knee gives out), fight harder (or dirtier) than my brother can. So there! If I couldn’t do those things, I would try my hardest because no one was going to tell me I couldn’t do it just because I am a girl.

Fast forward to the present day. I am a grown woman surrounded by men. Great. That’s okay. I can still keep up with the boys. I have Nerf battles too. I like to compete with my husband at the gym (I never win as far as the weight category but I go for perfection in form) and I don’t get me started in the video game arena. Sorry boys, but Mom will whip your little behinds if you challenge me. In my home, everyone knows there is no such thing as girl stuff versus boy stuff. It’s all just stuff.

Then I exit my home (either via the front door or the world wide web) and I am confronted with it all the time! Why is it in this day and age do we still have such huge double standards?  Just today I was confronted with someone excusing another business owner because she’s a mother?  HUH? I just don’t get it. Yes, I’m a mother. Does that mean I’m held to a lesser standards when it comes to other things? Do people honestly expect less of me because I have two children and keep a home? I’m sure no one thinks less of my husband at his job just because he has two kids. Yes, mothers are busy people. They are some of the best multi-talented people I’ve ever met in the world. They juggle a ton and it’s not easy. Still, I would never excuse myself or another woman for poor business practices just because she has children. I can be realistic. My female doctor might be more likely to reschedule my appointment because she has to stay home with a sick child than my male doctor. In the business I am in, I need to be flexible not only for my family but for other families as well. However, I will never skimp on customer service just because I had to make dinner. If I make a mistake or there is an error, I will not expect you to let it slide just because it’s soccer season and we all know my son plays every weekend. No. If there is an issue, you can expect that I will do everything I can to make sure there is a happy resolution for you. Not because I’m a woman or a mother. Not because I’m wanting to be treated like people treat most men. I will do everything I can because I am a person who owns a business and when I provide a service to you, that is what you deserve. That is MY standard.