“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

My life is the everyday. There are no flashy cars or jetting off to NY for a quick shopping trip. Instead, we’re barely getting laundry done (me), dealing with chronic ear infections (the dog), struggling with organizing schedules (me & the kids) and just now taking down the Christmas tree (let’s blame the hubby – he has to get something).

I’m just like everyone else.

Of course, there are things that make me different. I’m currently have a love/hate relationship with Twizzlers. I eat them all the time. I don’t know why. Most times I’m not even sure I think they taste very good. I eat them anyway. One would think they were my favorite candy. They’re not. No really. They’re not. I’d much rather eat Swedish Fish, I think. Yet, somehow I always have a copious amount of Twizzlers. I’ve passed this illness on to my first born son. We start Twizzler detox next week. I’ll let you know how it goes …

I have a problem with the excessive use of punctuation. You’ll often notice in my writing that there will be a … or a!!!!! Maybe even a !??!?!?!!!  I can’t explain why I think every thing needs a dramatic pause or to be shouted out. I don’t even talk like that.

I have a sense of humor. Really. The world is full of humorless people and I am not one of them. I’m sarcastic, witty (yup patting myself on the back there) and down right ridiculous some of the time. This must be why I get a long with kids so well. Kids love me. Remind me to tell you the lengths I’ve gone through to get kids to genuinely laugh during a photo shoot. One event involved poop. I’ll save that story for next time though.

I’m an artist. I may not be everyone’s idea of an artist but I am. I capture life in an image and bring it forth an interesting way. It is one of my favorite things about me and makes the mundane nuances of my life melt away. Pablo Picasso said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I couldn’t agree more.