Everyone has a STORY

I think when we grow up we forget so easily what it was truly like to be in the roller coaster that was our lives as children. We look back and think how trite our thoughts were. We laugh at journals that go on and on about “nothing” or we reminisce over how once upon a time our biggest worry was over whether or not we were going to make the team.

As a “grown up”, I spend a lot of my time people watching. This comes from a childhood spent staring out a bedroom window, watching the world out there. I’m always trying to figure out what their story is. Who is that person and where did they come from? Have they lived here their whole lives? Were they always so confident? Did they always know this is where their path was leading?

In photographing children, I spend a lot of my time trying to decipher these little people. I am on a quest to figure out who they are and just how to capture the true spirit that is their story right at this moment. They’re story begins now and just because it may change daily, doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Our childhood experiences take us and shape us into the people we become. Had I not had two parents who had to work long hours, I may not have spent a great deal of time in my bedroom looking out at the world. Of course, then, I wouldn’t be me.

I spent some time trying to get the story of this little girl. She loves hip hop. She loves to play. She does not like to climb trees. She loves to laugh. Maybe next week or next month or even next year this will not longer be true but it’s still a part of her story. It’s a piece in the puzzle that will be Maggie when she’s all grown up. I’m so glad I get to show you that piece.

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