Change is good …

I somehow manage to surround myself with people who don’t like change. It’s possible that my history with anxiety has something to do with it but more likely it’s because I generally like stubborn people. Hey, we all have our quirks remember?

I’ve been working hard to bring all the things I love together so I can be more efficient but also so I can be happier. I like things nice and neat. One of the things that my family and I have been considering for a VERY long time is moving. I say very long time because I had fully intended to be living in New Jersey the summer of 2010. Before that, San Diego was the plan for 2008. Well, we’re not making so big a jump but very soon we could be living a lot closer to my husband’s job. I can’t tell you the sigh of relief I get when I think of how we won’t have to think about the hour long commute to work everyday for him. Nor the hour back! Ten minutes from home means making it to soccer practice and family dinners every night again.  Can you feel my unrestrained joy? Ok maybe no joy. I do run a tight ship and I like things how I like them. The hubby being home before dinner means I’ll have another person to consider but at least it’s a person I love more than the sun. Really, that’s saying something! Nothing is set in stone just yet but I’ve never been one to hold in good news that belongs to me!

Everyone is freaking out though. Somehow moving means packing and changing schools and new grocery store routes. Ok, I know I’m alone on that last one but I’m from NY. I try to drive as little as possible because I just wasn’t bred to drive long distances. 😉 Of course the husband is freaking. The kids are sad. I’m sort of pumped. I moved a bit as a kid and I like new places. I like making a place my own. I am however sad at the idea of leaving my current home behind. I have been here for over 8 years. It’s the first home I have ever owned. We have done so much to it. Painting, new floors, new appliances, installation of lights, sidewalks, gardening (ok … we tried), and now we’re in the middle of a new front door and painting the exterior. Yup, I made it mine.

Anyway, before I start getting all sappy … The same thing is happening for Wirth Images. We’re in the process of moving. It’s been a fantastic home for the last few years but we’ve grown and stretched and now we need a fabulous new website! Well, not exactly new. Flirt (the boudoir side of Wirth Images) has set up house at and since February-ish has been running things. Since we love Flirt so much, I thought we’d try being roommates. Everybody can share nicely and no one will judge each other on what the other one has! will soon redirect to the new site but for now while we figure things out, it will continue on in it’s lovely way. So come check out ! Wirth Images has hung some new curtains and moved in some boxes.